Carol Fletcher
President and Board of Directors. Carol joined The Aniplant Project in 2015 after interviewing Nora García at ANIPLANT in Havana. Her background is in marketing and documentary photography. Carol lives in Chicago.

History of The Aniplant Project and ANIPLANT

The Aniplant Project, Inc. (TAP) is a not-for-profit charity incorporated in 2010 in Sarasota County, Florida.  TAP is completely dedicated to the protection of animals, and its primary activity is to support ANIPLANT (Asociación Cubana para la Protección de Animales y Plantas) of Havana, Cuba.

Les Inglis first met Nora García and learned about ANIPLANT in 2005.  At that time, the ANIPLANT headquarters was on the eighth floor of a building in Central Havana with no working elevator.  The public rarely made the tiring trip up the stairs to inquire about help or services.  Nora found a ground floor house in Central Havana and negotiated a trade (at the time, houses in Cuba were not bought/sold, but traded).   Les and Charlene Inglis formed The Aniplant Project and helped Nora acquire and renovate the new place for ANIPLANT's work.  This was made more difficult since the former resident stripped every item of value, even electrical switches and wall plugs.  Plus the entire house needed major repairs, including a new water tank on the roof.  

Dr. Martin Neher, DVM
​Board of Directors. Marty is the owner of Palmer Ranch Animal Clinic in Sarasota, Florida. He dedicates much of his time and services to community organizations concerned with animal welfare.
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Les and Charlene Inglis
​Founders and Board of Directors. They started working with Nora García and ANIPLANT in 2005 to improve the lives of countless Cuban animals. Les was the first Chairman of Humane Society International. Les and Charlene live in Florida. 

About The Aniplant Project

In December 2009, ANIPLANT completed all of the renovations and held a grand opening.  The new headquarters at 128 Príncipe in Centro Habana is a light-filled, beautiful space.  There is a colorful reception area, a veterinarian's clinic exam room, an air-conditioned surgical room and a gated indoor/outdoor space next to the kitchen for the 15 resident dogs.  By 2012, with the help of Dr. Dick White and his wife, Christine, the space had been outfitted to be a fully-equipped veterinary clinic.  

ANIPLANT and The Aniplant Project share a mission to improve the lives of Cuban animals through mass sterilization campaigns, public education, promotion of animal health, refuge assistance, and hands-on intervention in cases of animal suffering. The Aniplant Project provides support for ANIPLANT, who provides on-the-scene assistance to animals in Cuba. 

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The Aniplant Project is dedicated to eliminating the suffering of Cuban animals.

The Aniplant Project

The Aniplant Project

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