Nora Garcia, President of Aniplant, presents two radio shows and one television show every week.  In Cuba, radio is as an important source of information as TV.  Nora’s shows provide humane education, notices of weekend spay-neuter clinics, health information for dogs and cats, and information about public events related to animals.  Nora appears every Saturday as a speaker on Radio Progresso, the nation’s largest radio station.  Her ten-minute talks on pet care are regular and informative, and well received by Cubans.  While moving around Havana with Nora, we have seen people come up to her on the street to ask a question about care of their dog or cat.  It happens with taxi drivers, ticket agents, bartenders, and people on the street. It is a constant feature of her life.     

TAP supports ANIPLANT's efforts to educate dog and cat guardians in Cuba about the importance of sterilization of their companions and the need for good, on-going veterinary care. TAP has worked with ANIPLANT to design and print flyers about spay/neuter. We also send donations of children's educational materials to teach them early about the need to properly care of animals.

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