Karin Eckhard at Espiritu Travel is coordinating with The Aniplant Project to introduce their travelers to ANIPLANT in Cuba.  Espiritu specializes in small group experiential tours of Cuba.  www.espiritutravel.com     

Thanks to our friend, Danielle Speirs at Cuban Dog Tales Rescue.  Danielle lives in Canada and is a dedicated friend of ANIPLANT, The Aniplant Project and dogs everywhere.  

Thank you to these organizations for their efforts, advice and help for animals all over the world:  

The Humane Society of The United States

Humane Society International

Best Friends Animal Society

AHPPA - Animal Shelter Costa Rica

Animal Welfare Organizations
ANIPLANT and The Aniplant Project are lucky to have such compassionate and generous supporters.  Here are just a few folks who are special to us:  

​​​Special Friends 


We are fortunate to know many veterinarians who are willing to donate items for ANIPLANT, but we want to make special mention of Dr. Marty Neher and his right hand, Tawnya, at Palmer Ranch Animal Clinic in Sarasota, FL.  They have been extremely generous in donating medicines and supplies to Aniplant and we are very grateful to them for their kindnesses and support of our work.  

If you'd like to make a donation in memory of a special someone, please write us at: TheAniplantProject@comcast.net and we will post it here.  Muchas gracias.  

Mike and Kathleen Shopa are longtime and dear friends of the Inglises.  They have supported The Aniplant Project since the beginning.  We are very grateful for their unparalleled encouragement, dedication and love.  

In memory of Stevie Wilberding, wonderful friend and neighbor, by her mother Ann Spaulding.

In memory of Danny Boy Inglis, beloved companion of Charlene and Les Inglis, by Xenia Mathews.

In memory of Grand Dog Pepper, who died at the age of six, by Tim Hoberg.

In memory of animal rights activist, Winnie Reuter, by Joan Jenrich.

Ron Faithfull lives in Canada and is connected to two veterinarians in Varadero who run clinics and a refuge.  We appreciate his dedication to the animals of Cuba.