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​​Often travelers to other countries come away with bad memories of many suffering stray dogs and cats on the streets.  The Aniplant Project and ANIPLANT work to reduce this sight in Cuba.  The single biggest factor in reducing stray animals is sterilization.  One pair of unaltered adult dogs or cats can produce an astonishing number of offspring in a very short time.  Most families can handle one or two pets, but they cannot support litters of puppies or kittens in addition.  

Periodically, animals are collected from the streets by Zoonosis.  The process of catching the dogs or cats is cruel and disturbing:  dogs are often grabbed by hind-legs and tossed into a metal bin, like trash.   They are taken to a city pound, where most are held for a week.  They are not fed during this time.  If no one comes for them, they are given poisoned food.  It is a painful, unfair end to those little souls.  ANIPLANT has been in discussions to replace this poisoning with humane euthanasia drugs.    

Sterilization is the only effective way to reduce the overpopulation of homeless animals. ANIPLANT and The Aniplant Project are committed to expanding spay-neuter programs in Cuba.  In 2014, over 5,000 animals were sterilized--preventing an estimated 25,000 new unwanted animals in 2015.  ANIPLANT holds weekend clinics for sterilizations in various neighborhoods.  If a person cannot afford to pay the $2 CUC price to spay/neuter his/her pet, there is no charge for sterilizing.  The Aniplant Project and ANIPLANT cover all costs.